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Thank you Adam! I had some of my own counter graphics and I don't even remember how many other scripts I tried before I found one that worked! It was very easy to set up and works perfectly! If you have your own counter graphics and you don't need all the "bells and whistles" that some of the other scripts have, I highly recommend this one! I give Adam an A+ for this one!

On G-Counter on Sep 27, 2001

Great script! Searched for a long time for one to do what I wanted and this was it! Easy to setup and tons of options! The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I wanted visitors to be able to add "answers" or items to be voted on. With this script you have to add them yourself. You don't have to add them all before the voting starts, however, you can go back an add more items to be voted on even after the voting has started. That is a definate plus. All in all, a very nice script!

On EventHandler on Sep 27, 2001

Excellent script! The install.cgi was a dream come true! I wish more scripts offered this! Once I got it working I customized it without a single problem! It fits right in with my website now, background, graphics, fonts, colors, etc. There wasn't one thing I could find wrong with this script. Especially the price! I definately give this one an A+!

On Locked Area on Sep 27, 2001