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I give this script a 5 because the writer obviously spent a great deal of time with it. But I dont like the layout at all. To be honest it really doesn't offer much more than EveryAuction. It takes a long time to configure. I simply downloaded the original script and made my own version of it. My advice is to avoid this one until it's out of Beta.

On E-Z Auction on Oct 31, 2000

Nice script! Neatly written and it performs its functions very efficiently. One of the best news scripts I've seen. It's also very easy to configure if you are a beginner.

On NewsAdmin on Oct 22, 2000

This is quite simply the best calendar script I have ever seen before. It has everything we have needed for our site and more. VERY eay to configure!

On CalendarScript on Sep 23, 2000

Well I am still new to CGI although I have never had this much trouble configuring a script. It's the hardest one I have ever done. All I could ever accomplish was the internal 500 error. It was just too difficult.

On Account Manager LITE on Sep 23, 2000