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This package is fantastic for straight for subscriptions. But if you are importing large numbers of e-mails, we have had nothing but problems. Importing over 1,000 does not seem possible. Also, if you change any of the lists manually this messes up the number of subscriber value's. Great for general use and tracking, we have over 25,000 members, but not good for large imports. Hopefully one day this bug will be fixed.

On Subscribe Me(TM) Professional on Jul 12, 2000

I found this program to be one of the most powerful free scripts on the net. Setting up does take a while, but it is certainly worth it. Any problems can usually be resolved on their online forum. Hundreds of mods available for free.

On Links 2.0 on Feb 25, 2000

As long as you have telnet access to your account, this program is great and free!! I didn't need to make any changes to my web pages. It has been a great help and it is great for finding out how people are reaching your site. It has also helped me find dead links I didn't know about.

On WebLog on Oct 18, 1999