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I did not like it.

On Movable Type on Oct 21, 2005

On enuuk platform on Jan 04, 2005

On MojoNews MySQL on Nov 26, 2004

It lacks basic features. For what it does it's very expensive.

On MaxSponder Autoresponder on Sep 09, 2003

The SQL version of this program is superbly done and working very smoothly. You can have it up and working within 15 minutes.

On Ultimate Advertiser on Nov 05, 2002

On Classifieds Network on Aug 12, 2002


On ScareCrow Message Board on Feb 13, 2002

It is rare to find such a powerful application like Subscribe Me Enterprise. Even though the application may look "too simple", it is worth all the money spent. I can consider this program cheap because I found something similar to this application priced $950. Way to go!

On Subscribe Me(TM) Professional on Jan 30, 2002

Very good application, but very demanding in terms of libraries in order to be set up. Not all users who want to use it can use this program.

On eZ publish on Jan 20, 2002

It is definitely a very good program. It is worth the download and even paying for it!

On PerlDesk on Jan 03, 2002

It was the first web based customer support program and the price was great (free). Now, in terms of features, it is no more powerful while other applications have better features and are still free!

On Website Supporter on Jan 03, 2002

Looks good, but 2000 dollars!

On ADC2000 NG Pro on Dec 19, 2001

A good start for the Perl version of PHP-Nuke! Hoping to see features like plugins.

On YaWPS on Dec 04, 2001

Top class!

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Sep 13, 2001

On EveryAuction on Sep 07, 2001

Genesis was the first application to provide free web pages. Even without bells and whistles it still rocks!

On Genesis Web Authoring System on Jun 29, 2001

No notification of the events, not seriously usable. Needs to be more comprehensive.

On WebCalendar on Jun 29, 2001

On Atlant Pro on Jun 04, 2001

Bad copy of PHP-Nuke.

On Nope on Apr 16, 2001

Very good!

On News Publisher on Jun 12, 2000

On Date Me on May 29, 2000

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Mar 15, 2000

Very reliable and easy to use.

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Nov 05, 1999

This program promises well.

On AdCycle on Sep 28, 1999

On WebAdverts on Jun 10, 1999

The best. Easy to install and maintain. A must to have!

On Links 2.0 on Jun 08, 1999