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It's a nice script which works fine, but the CGI file is a little compact, so it's not the easiest to customize and modify. And what's worse, there is no search function included which is really needed.

On e-Classifieds: Free Edition on Jul 27, 2000

It seems interesting at first, but it takes forever to install with dozens of files and CGI scripts and it's a nightmare to customize it. Also, I don't like the layout with frames.

On Discus on Jun 22, 2000

This is a fast and simple script, anyone can install it in just a few minutes. I managed to get it to work the first time I tried it. It's also easy to maintain and customize. But unfortunately, the layout isn't the best and it is a hassle for people to have to go to several pages just to see the replies...

On Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard on Jun 01, 2000

A nice script. Works fine, extremely easy to set up (only takes minutes) and it doesn't contain dozens of files as most other similar scripts, but the layout could be a little better. It's very easy to customize everything though.

Nice script. It has many advanced features, is pretty easy to set up and customize. The only thing I don't like is that HTML in postcards is automatically enabled and people must use HTML tags to add line breaks - Just pressing Enter is not enough. But I can live with that, as it's reasonably easy to fix that by modifying the script.

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on May 11, 2000