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Brilliantly simple. Keep your email address hidden from spammers and get the information from the form sent back to you.

On on Jun 05, 2008

Very difficult to unravel this tangled mess. Unable to approve members or adverts. Not worth the trouble.

On GeoClassifieds on Feb 09, 2007

Excellent! I want to allow non-technical customers to modify content on their pages - e.g. "Latest Offers", and this does the trick!

On SnippetMaster on Jul 30, 2004

This is absolutely brilliant! The automatic installation is the easiest way of getting any script working that I have seen. In operation it is very quick and accurate.

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Jul 31, 2002

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on Aug 28, 2001

A great script with plenty of documentation. Could be slightly easier to set up. This adds a most useful feature to any web-site and makes it more "sticky".

On Slideviewer on Apr 17, 2001

A brilliant introduction to Classified Ads. I had a brief problem in discovering how to format the dates into non-US format, but apart from that it was no problem to configure. I have been using this script for 2 days only and will definitely be upgrading from the free version to one of the fee-paying ones.

On e-Classifieds: Free Edition on Apr 17, 2001