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This great script takes some thinking-through but is well worth the effort. Works in places that SSI won't. Thanks Greg!

On EditTag on Apr 19, 2001

Great book, just as we expected from her. I would buy any book written by Castro at twice the price.

Bare bones auction script, but very clean and easy to install. What you see is what you get, which is better than some.

On Auction Weaver Lite on Jul 06, 2000

Awesome!! Easy to install, configure and read, but best by far is the log cleaning feature. Saved us a huge amount of space. Ten is not a high enough rating for this script.

On AccessProbe on Dec 22, 1999

Wonderful script. Mall version makes it possible to set up additional client shops in minutes. Separate "Vars" files make each one configurable and this cart takes more contingencies into consideration than I can imagine needing. Great job Craig!

On Dansie Shopping Cart on Oct 08, 1999

If you need to put a database online, or just love seeing exquisite programming, check this out. The author is also as helpful as they come!

On FLATTEXT (Class A) on Jun 23, 1999

This is excellent! If you have a database that you want to use on the web this afternoon, this is the way to do it. Kudos!

On FLATTEXT (Class B) on Jun 01, 1999

Matt Wright (and his scripts) are terriffic. If I were half my age I'd....well, I'd still be too old for him, but I sure do appreciate his work. (Love the Cookbook too!)

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Jan 06, 1999

This script is a huge cut above any other free classified script I've seen, and better than some that aren't free. Creates really nice looking pages that don't look like a modified guestbook. A class act, doesn't need any tinkering and goes up fast.

On e-Classifieds: Free Edition on Jan 06, 1999

This is an incredibly powerful and complex script. It is not really difficult to set up, but I have worked with people who thought they didn't have it set up right because it really takes some thinking through to grasp how all the elements work together. This is one script where you need to read everything on the website (there's a message board) and print out the docs, then go through it step by step. It's well worth it.

On WebAdverts on Jan 06, 1999

This guestbook would be a perfect choice for anyone's first CGI installation. It all but installs itself. It isn't only easy though, it's very nice looking and configurable. (The same is true of Cougalinks, also written by Paul Williams)

On Guestbook on Jan 06, 1999