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I couldn't get it to install. I spent about 2 hours trying to install checking WeBid's support forum multiple times.

On WeBid on Oct 30, 2009

Don't even look at this script. I never had so much trouble.

On cts ClassAd on Mar 31, 2008

Easy install and I'll use this script for now because it works just fine. I would like to see a thumbnail rotater with this script, as that would give me everything I need and I could stop looking. I like this script and the code seems clean, but I'm not a Perl/CGI coder.

On GuzZzt Show on Nov 13, 2006

I gave CubeCart a 9 because I did not do the install, I only edited the style sheet to match the site it was installed into. The system has a very nice admin panel and the option of switching from code view to browser view is great for the new user trying to learn coding.

On CubeCart on Sep 25, 2006

Works great and is very easy to edit the HTML to fit your web site design. I felt so good about my edit that I submitted the script changes to the script writer. I got a response the same day saying that the edit looked good. Hope you find this as easy as I did, I think you might.

On Picture.cgi on Sep 22, 2006

When I see a script written by Matt I usally don't look any further because I have used several scripts written by Matt and I know that he does quality work. Now I have a comedian who wanted random text on her web site so I added Matt's random text script and within 2 minutes it was running without a hitch.

Don't spend any time trying to install this script. I followed the instructions to the letter and only got "You are not autorized to view this page." I've gone over the permissions and settings but can not get this to work. The URL offered as a users' forum is now a site for Jesus. Feels like someone is trying to run a scam.

On Image Arcadia on Sep 12, 2006

Easy to understand, but the script they taught me to write did not work.

On Display a random image on Mar 31, 2006

Zina is an easy install as a stand-a-lone or as a module in XOOPS and PCNuke. There are a couple of bugs that need to be fixed in the XOOPS mod administration, such as log-in. This isn't a big problem but be warned that if you use this with XOOPS you will log-in after every page change. The feature that allows you to set your admin IP address is helpful.

On Zina on Feb 24, 2006

Five minutes ago I started looking at's formmail and now I've got it installed. I'm about to start editing the template. I can not say that this was an easy install because it was easier than that. We're going in to the design and testing stage but if that is as well designed as the install, I expect that I'll take less time editing the style.

On Formmail Script on Sep 15, 2005

This script is quite easy to install and I would have given it a 10 but the instructions are a little weak. I created a .htaccess file because the instructions did not mention that it would be created automatically. I did the manual install so I can't comment on the automatic install.

On Guardian on Aug 05, 2005

I've tried four times to download the script and only get corrupted zip files. I had high hopes for the script and would like to contact the developer to let them know I'm getting a corrupted script but do not find a contact page or info.

On cgi scripts on Jan 03, 2005

Did not like this script at all. After downloading and installing the script had an expiration. I expected a free script because it said it was free. I don't mind paying for a script and have spent hundreds over the past few years for my personal projects and client sites, but I knew that I had to pay for it in advance. The install was a bit difficult.

On Jamroom on Dec 24, 2004

This is a free shopping cart! Unbelievable, a free store front that works with MySQL. I never thought I'd find a shopping cart so easy to install that is free. Set-up was a little difficult at first but once I found my errors everything went just fine. If you are looking for a simple to install low budget shopping cart, ShopCMS is one to take a close look at. I deducted 1 point because there is no user forum or help.

On ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart on Sep 09, 2004

Quick install, does what it claims to do and is good for anyone who needs a quick solution for file upload. This is a good script for a beginner who is trying to learn Perl.

On File Upload on Jun 12, 2004

I'm rating this program with a 5 because it is very expensive for what it offers. It was easy to install and get working and it offers enough options, but it's $195 and only supports 100 items. Sorry, when I got there I uninstalled the shopping cart.

On AnyShop on Mar 01, 2004

Easy to install, easy to setup and easy to manage, but there is a problem with the script, a minor glitch really. When the options change the price, the price on the cart page doesn't change. I didn't find out until after the site was completed. Minor glitch that is a pain now. I'm now looking for a shoppingcart that allows me more versatility.

On Digital PressWorks ShoppingCart on Feb 13, 2004

Nice work, I've been looking for an easy to setup commerce program and I'm glad I found this. I got the site working in several hours. I had to make several alterations because of my web server but when I put this shopping cart on a real web address, not a /~usersname web site, I think it will be seemless. The setup script gave me error after error.

On The CITY Shopping on Nov 21, 2003