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This is the best script ever. PERIOD! The description doesn't do it justice as it is a multi-purpose script that can be used for a photo gallery, shopping cart, guestbook, links page, and probably more than I can think of. If you find other uses, PLEASE let me know! Built in features include file upload, automatic email notification, import/export, user registration, and much, much, more.

On Webteacher's Webdata on Oct 17, 1999

I've looked at a lot of FFAL scripts and this one is without question the best I've seen! I've been using couga scripts for a long time. Every 6 months or so, I try to see if a better script is available. Paul just makes it better and better. I especially like the counter attached to the number of click-throughs.

On Couga Links on Aug 25, 1999

Very nice, flexible script. Customizable. Requires separate script for each site, though.

On Birdcast.cgi on Aug 25, 1999

Great getting started manual. Uses perl to introduce you to form processing, sending email, writing to files, and summarizing information from flat file. End of tutorial is offer to buy book(s) to learn more advanced perl.

On CGI Programming 101 on Mar 20, 1999

Very nice script. I really like the flexibility allowed with user preferences. Nice that users can register to receive all new messages added, search, display based on date, and more.

On WebBBS on Jan 11, 1999