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Kudos to Alex. Along with his Links script, I have utilized DBman for other uses and it is also an excellent script. Hard to top this one for database management with the ability to customize, nicely too!, the front end. It can seem overwhelming for someone not used to cgi scripts but hang in there, after you've implemented a few, DBman will be appreciated for its flexibility in configuration. Excellent script.

On DBman on Feb 13, 1999

I have used this script for a year on one of my sites and have never been disappointed with it. I don't recall it being difficult or problematic to install either. It's got an excellent array of features and its ultimate potential is phenominal. Some major advancements have been implemented since I first installed it and it appears that a lot of work and consideration goes into its continued development. I have never had a poor support issue, either, and help in the support forums is great.

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Feb 13, 1999

Hyperseek is a complex program and considerable time went into developing this program. I have been running it on my site since October 1998 and have had few disappointments with support and the overall performance of the script. Overall, with its numerous features, including customizable ones (yes!), it is worth the investment. There are a lot of great people who have also purchased the product with whom you can network and share ideas regarding uses & implementation of its various features.

On Hyperseek Search Engine on Feb 01, 1999