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Buyer beware! I have used dozens of scripts listed at CGI Resources and this is one of the buggiest. The instructions are very poorly written and the so-called "customer service" was the most arrogant and downright rude of any I have experienced. Do yourself a favor, look elsewhere.

On Fantastic Shield on Aug 30, 2006

I've used this cart on several client sites, never had a problem and for minor issues customer service is prompt and friendly. Installation instructions are clear even for those with limited experience (which I was when I installed my first Dansie cart). Lots of configuration options makes a very flexible shopping cart.

On Dansie Shopping Cart on Aug 30, 2006

Awesome database, especially for those who think they cannot set up a database. Customer support is prompt and friendly. Web interface gets you going in no time at all and you will be amazed at the professional look and functionality of your new database.

On FLATTEXT (Class B) on Aug 30, 2006

Easy to install and configure and works very well. My clients love this calendar.

On CalendarScript on Aug 30, 2006