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Good indexing function. Learned a lot from the code.

On HomepageSearchEngine on Oct 28, 2003

Good for beginners.

On ennyForms on Oct 28, 2003

Useful and very versatile.

On CalendarScript on Oct 28, 2003

On Easy File Manager on Sep 26, 2003

On Mal's e-comm on Sep 26, 2003

As usual, excellent standard of script from Gossammer Threads

On DBman on Aug 26, 2003

Old, but still used on hundreds of successful sites.

On Hyperseek Search Engine on Aug 25, 2003

Excellent script, though the MySQL version tops it!

On FLATTEXT (Class B) on Aug 25, 2003

As usualm Fluid Dynamics scripts are a joy to work with - well worth the $40 shareware fee.

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Aug 25, 2003

It can be very useful.

On Fluid Dynamics: Start Page on Aug 25, 2003

On Genesis Web Authoring System on Aug 25, 2003

A very powerful script for sysadmins.

On Guardian on Aug 25, 2003

Another decent Perl forum system - hurrah!

On YaBB on Aug 25, 2003

The best PHP forum!

On phpBB on Aug 25, 2003

At last a decent Perl forum script.

On on Aug 24, 2003

This can easily be exploited by spammers to produce an open mail relay.

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Aug 24, 2003


On Locked Area on Aug 24, 2003

Was good in it's day, but now PHP alternatives are vastly superior.

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Aug 24, 2003

Good for a counter.

On LogCount on Aug 24, 2003

Worth it just for the visitor-route tracking feature. It just needs to be able to dump to MySQL.

On AXS Site Tracking System on Aug 24, 2003

Has been known to have some nasty security flaws. If you use it always keep an eye out for updates/bug fixes.

On PHP-Nuke on Aug 24, 2003