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Very nice scipt, a little limited on options, but if money is tight...

On Links 2.0 on Sep 05, 1999

A tad expensive but it comes installed and integrates well within a site - everything is customizable. Some unique features.

On CommunityForums on Sep 05, 1999

Super cool, fast and customizable -- this is the one to have if you are serious about your site.

On Hyperseek Search Engine on Sep 05, 1999

I almost got kicked off of a server for using this -- it eats a ton of resources and slows down your site. Lots of features though, maybe he can write a version with the features AND speed.

On WebAdverts on Sep 05, 1999

After looking around I bought this as part of a package deal. They installed it for me and then called me to walk me through getting started! It's been five days and I know that I made the right decision.

On CommunityWeaver on Sep 05, 1999

Average forum script at best. Every installation looks the same, I don't mean just the general look - you can barely change anything! It's speed also leaves a little to be desired. I won't even start on the admin...

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Sep 05, 1999

On WebBBS on Sep 05, 1999

You get what you pay for on this one.

On FreeScripts: Postcard on Sep 05, 1999

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on Sep 05, 1999