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The developer of this script does not support it, even when you are registered. He has broken promises to me several times.

On Warm Links on Oct 29, 2003

I purhcased HotlinksPro April 29th on the promise that he would have the script updated to allow reciprocal link checking. He said two weeks. I figured that would give me ample opportunity to familiarize myself with the script. It's six months later. No update. I haven't been able to use HotLinksPro.

On Hot Links Pro 3 on Oct 29, 2003

I came to this script through an ad at CGI Resource Index. The ad led to a page that described the features of the script. I tested the script, ordered it, and in the email confirmation was told it was only good for one domain. When I asked for a refund, I was told I should have read the notice on the homepage. There was no indication of the "one domain" restriction on any of the pages I visited, and the ad I clicked on didn't take me to the homepage. These guys are scammy, in my opinion.

On csMailto on Feb 10, 2003