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I've spent days looking for the best album building script and this is the one I settled on. I selected it over scripts costing $200+ because it has all the features and a great layout. It loses one point for quality of docs, but nothing serious there. And it's free!

On yappa-ng on Sep 18, 2004

I guess it's a case of repeating what has been said already. The script is extremely easy to install and get working. Configuration may need a little experimenting and experience but anyone at all competent should have no problems and the help pages are very extensive.

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Sep 02, 2004

A nice advance on the original script that works with PHP, SHTML and HTML pages for versatility. Could stand a bit more error checking for a straight 10.

On CJ Send Page (PopUp Version) on Aug 31, 2004

I downloaded it, the docs are fine for anyone who has ever installed a CGI script before. I uploaded it, it worked and did what I wanted. Easy. If I have one annoyance it's that you have to enter the admin password for every edit, which is a bit of a nuisance when adding a lot of passwords. But then I guess that's what the pro version is for.

On DirectoryPass on Aug 30, 2004

It's nice when you want a simple script to do a single job, and you find one that does that job very easily. No hassles installing and configuring. It loses a point because you can't set the page color, so there's a limit to matching it in to your site design.

On CJ SendPage on Nov 16, 2003

I downloaded it, I followed the clear instructions, I placed it on my site, it worked. I can't ask any more than that.

On Subscribe Me! on Feb 28, 2001