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This is the successor to MercuryBoard, and I upgraded to it when I had security problems with MB. It did seem to be quite fast and stable, and under active development, but I found it very difficult to customize the appearance, compared to other forum software. When you install a skin, it sets the permissions to those of the web server, not your FTP user.

On Quicksilver Forums on Sep 27, 2006

A lot of features, but a very awkward user interface and steep learning curve. My group never ended up using it because it was too difficult.

On PHProjekt on Nov 18, 2003

Simple, straightforward, and works like a charm. Don't know what more can be said.

On Perl Services Upload Helper on Dec 18, 2000

I've tried several boards with varying degrees of success, but this one was just a dream to set up and looks and runs great. Highly recommended.

On on Dec 18, 2000

The demo looked good and I liked the idea of it being an open source collaborative project, but ultimately I couldn't get it to work porperly.

On YaBB on Dec 18, 2000