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Doesn't work consistenly as results are not tabulated. Seems to like IE better than Firefox and Chrome when users vote.

On Quick Polls on Jan 08, 2010

Apparently this script has recently been updated and no longer contains the same security vulnerability. I'll wait and let others determine whether it is indeed secure.

On on Feb 28, 2005

Definitely showing it's age. It's now showing dates as 19100, can you say Y2K bug?

On Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard on Jan 02, 2000

Highly recommended! The self-installing script is easy enough that someone with no CGI experience could get it right the first time. The Pro version ($99) is worth every penny. I've installed the free version on six sites and the Pro version on three others. All of them work like a charm and are very popular among users.

On Discus on Feb 06, 1999

It works, but the interface could be MUCH more attractive, and a few more explanatory comments within the script itself would be very helpful for those who would like to customize it a little. Also, the all-in-one format isn't the most efficient.

On AnyEmail on Jan 31, 1999