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This was easy to install and best of all it's free. Too basic for what I needed, but still a good script.

On eUpload on Aug 27, 2001

On Fett on Jan 19, 2001

On Steve's Survey Script on Oct 29, 2000

On WebLog on Oct 29, 2000

Great software and easy to install.

On Discus on Sep 21, 2000

Great job, especially the automatic web install. Only thing I would add is more control from the admin page for the different settings that have to be done in the script.

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Aug 04, 2000

I would give it a higher rating if it had some sort of archiving ability.

On AXS Site Tracking System on Aug 03, 2000

I'm using this at my website where it is working okay. The big problem is creating new data files and customizing the view. Without an admin page, you better know what you are doing to set it up.

On BNB Survey Script on Aug 03, 2000

This is the only guestbook I've tried, but I don't see any reason to try others since this does everything I need. Has a very nice admin interface and was not overly difficult to set up.

On VizBook-plus on Aug 03, 2000