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Easy implementation and easily modified to present in a proprietary form I use. Great script.

On PHP text hit counter on Nov 09, 2008

Unclear how it integrates with a HTML page. In other words, how does one set up a link to ask the visitor for a password and either vend the file or tell the user that the ID and password don't work? Schlabo had a bunch of broken links to portions of the site, perhaps they contained the missing information. But in any event I couldn't find it. So this is a slick package with a terrific webmaster interface but no obvious way to integrate it into an ordinary HTML or XHTML page.

On Schlabo's Scripts - Download on Jan 16, 2006

Clever and simple. It took a few minutes to read the code comments and figure out how to add the tags but now I can move pages around, add pages, delete pages and instantly have a current index. One suggestion is to include user instructions as a separate text file and not stash them in the code.

On SiteIndex on Dec 24, 2004