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I've used an uncountable number of forums over the years and all have had problems, but phpBB seems to be an exception. It's very well designed and programmed. The code is very clean and even a non-PHP programmer like myself can easily modify it. I've never used PHP before, but found it very easy to modify. Generally a very well designed script with a good team behind it. Support forum is very good and the number of hacks/addons is quite impressive. Excellent!

On phpBB on Sep 30, 2001

It's a very good script but it is very limited and is falling behind the competition in the features it offers.

On Phorum on Jun 21, 2001

Very very nice counter script. I don't even bother looking at others, this one does everything I need! Amazingly easy to setup and works well! It works fine on my site which gets a reasonably high amount of traffic!!

This script is an absolute work of genius! It handles over 6,000 hits/day from my site without even a sign of slowing down! All it really needs is keyword targetting and it would be fantastic!! The writer should get an award for this!!

On WebAdverts on Jun 10, 2000

This is an extremely useful program. I use it on a FreeBSD server and it is absolutely fantastic. It allows you to run your whole server without ever having to use telnet!

On Webmin on Jul 23, 1999

This is a must for all large sites.

On FileMan on Jan 09, 1999

This is an incredible script with massive potential.

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Jan 04, 1999