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Easy install or seamless upgrade. It's hard to modify the look and feel though. This is the kind of thing you build your site around, not vice versa.

On phpBB on Apr 30, 2002

Nice BB for average users and not too hard to customise.

On vBulletin on Apr 30, 2002

A great, first-time BB. Easy to setup and easy for your users too. You might not stick with it, but you'll learn a lot from it while you do.

On Phorum on Apr 30, 2002

Incredibly well thought out piece of software. Medium to advanced install, requires a few extras some people may have trouble dealing with. Highly versatile and easy to work with and customise.

On Gallery on Apr 30, 2002

On MiG - My Image Gallery on Apr 30, 2002

Impressive array of features. Quite hard to use/learn to use. Install is painless, but getting people to use the thing will prove otherwise. Good for small, flexible teams.

On PHProjekt on Apr 30, 2002

Full featured, but not easy to install, not for the novice. If you're handy with your OS you'll love it.

On eZ publish on Apr 30, 2002

Very handy script for cookie-cutter sites with some bells and whistles, however advanced users will feel constricted by its cumbersome architecture, some odd anomalies within the code and the horrible fact that each upgrade (which is a frequent process) requires heavy user intervention.

On PHP-Nuke on Dec 09, 2001