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A script with a lot of potential, once the bugs are out. The implemented JavaScripts don't work properly, some hard coded paths point towards wrong directions and nowhere is it mentioned that you need to have the Net:POP3 package installed. Even then I couldn't get it to connect to my POP3 server. The rest looks pretty well done.

On ATPMail on Jun 19, 2000

The message boards offered there are very simple and minimalistic in appearance and in regards to features. Just the basic stuff without any extras. No email notification, no attached images or URLs and such. The administration mode is above average, but allows to ban only 10 IP addresses and has no filter for 'bad' words. The only impressive feature is the instant account activation and deactivaton. So if you want a forum right now, no matter what, then it might be worth a try.

On BoardHost on Aug 10, 1999

This script is pretty simple to set up and easy to modify to your needs. The search results are displayed in a neat way, which is great. Only backdraw: Building a full text index on 50MB takes a lot of time, so you need quite a little patience while updating large websites.

On Perlfect Search on Aug 09, 1999

It's the first thing I install on *any* webserver. Allows you to administer *every* aspect of your webserver through your browser. A must have if you have your own webserver!

On Webmin on Aug 09, 1999

It is a good and comprehensive statistic tool, but it creates an absolutely *insane* server load when it parses large logfiles. A site with 6-10 Gig traffic per month shouldn't run this script, not even once per day. It's great for small sites, though.

On WebLog on Aug 09, 1999