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Incredibly well-put-together, links to the mySQL manual are embedded in the pages, easily configured plus it lets you give access on a per-table basis.

On phpMyAdmin on Aug 15, 2000

DBMan Rocks! Alex Rocks! Gossamer Rocks! This DB script will have your DB's up and running in less than an hour. Simple to use yet plenty of room to configure and modify. Support is outstanding, and the price is great too.

On DBman on Jan 20, 1999

Gossamer's scripts are just SO beautifully made, easy to use, simple to configure. As a perl know-nothing, I couldn't get by without scripts like these. Keep up the good work!

On Links 2.0 on Jan 20, 1999

Great little script, perfect for small sites. Needs only an option to personalize outgoing messages...

On Subscribe Me! on Jan 20, 1999

A great message board, average support. Can be difficult to configure if using frames or tables, the config files don't cover enough ground unfortunately. Pretty simple, if time-consuming to install, but overall the free version is great except the lack of message controls. I give the paid version and eight-and-a-half.

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Jan 20, 1999