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Support is fantastic, installation simple. Some obvious features still need to be added, but development seems to be moving very fast. Recommended.

On PerlDesk on Dec 21, 2001

This is a robust engine. Installation is a breeze if you use the auto-install option. Be warned that indexing a large site can take a very long time. My 500+ page site took over an hour to process. Good simple customization - could use a few nice searching features like exclude.

On Perlfect Search on Sep 12, 2001

Excellent script. I wish it had a feature to save emails sent rather than only remembering the last one, and it could really benefit from being able to include user-defineable fields in emails in addition to email, name and date. But this is a powerful script which I recommend.

On ListMerge on Jun 28, 2001

Not for newbies, but a really excellent script. Took me a few head-scratching hours to set up, but runs like a dream... Documentation could use a bit of improving, and the admin feature needs attention (there are addons to help this). Excellent stuff.

On DBman on Jul 28, 1999

Would be nice if on the 'are you sure about your answers' page you got to see the questions as well as your answers!! Apart from that niggle, I have to say this is excellent. Took about 2 minutes to install (after you realize that there is duplication in the downloaded files and you can discard half of them!) -- not bad at all.

On QuizQuizmaster on Jul 22, 1999

Basic, but good. I used this for a while, but had to leave it due to lack of security features.

On Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard on Jun 13, 1999

Excellent support from the team, even when I lost my registration number. very good features on calendar, including the much-needed 'delete only your own posts' feature in the new release. Very nice.

On Lozinski's Calendar on Jun 07, 1999