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A great resource. When I bought this CGI, it was installed for me, and I have no complaints. Great!

On Password Sentry on Jan 21, 2000

A very powerful script, with a lot of nice features. The calander could be more aesthetic perhaps. How about a table, rather than an unmanagable list?

On AXS Site Tracking System on Oct 17, 1999

This book takes a Learn-by-example approach to CGI. I am finding it hard to 'get in to' this book, but I'm sure it will be an invaluable resource. I would not recommend this book to total beginners though!

On CGIPerl Cookbook on Aug 01, 1999

This script is useful, but I would like to be able to string multiple commands together, e.g., to change directory and then look at files in the new location. With the script as it is, each command starts in the default directory. Easy to set up though!

On CGI City: The Commander on Jul 28, 1999

This is a very comprehensive CGI script. Although I found it tricky to set up, the interface is peachy!

On Account Manager LITE on Jun 20, 1999