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When I fist used this program, I did it as a must, because the server that hosts my site has this script installed, and it avoids the use of telnet. At first I didn't understand how to write commands to the database, but when I understood (few minutes) I really loved this script! It's fantastic and it makes you send the right commands to the database.

On phpMyAdmin on Feb 19, 2001

I tried it and it's a great script. It's very simple to customize, and there's a lot of features. I really like it.

On on Feb 13, 2001

I haven't tried to use it, but I saw the features and how it looks, and I think that it's really one of the best one I ever seen on the net.

On phpWebLog on Nov 10, 2000

This is the BEST Banner Exchange program I ever found. It's quite easy to set up, and it has plenty of useful features!

On WebAdverts on Dec 06, 1999

I think this is the coolest never ending story script! It has so many features!

On Add2Story on Nov 06, 1999