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Worked on this with a colleague, very smooth search engine script. The back-end could be a little nicer and more intuitive, but thatís a very short shortcoming of a great script.

On Hyperseek Search Engine on Oct 16, 2000

Iíve always preferred forums over chat, myself, and I think this software lets you make great forums. Iím finding that setting them up is easy and I like the fact that they are customizable.

On CommunityForums on Oct 16, 2000

Pretty nice to use, not much fun to administer and your choices are somewhat limited. Iíd heard a lot and was expecting more.

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Oct 16, 2000

I decided to go with these guys a little while ago, and Iím happy I did. I was wary at first since I donít have a lot of cash to spare right now, but theyíre worth it. The software is tops, the tech support is nice and extremely helpful. They seem to take an interest in seeing their customers succeed. All their products work together smoothly but when I did hit a few hitches, they helped me get things the way I wanted. Iím still not finished but Iím confident it was money well spent.

On CommunityWeaver on Oct 15, 2000