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This is an awesome script! The programmers for this started iKonboard and are now on their own. This script is wonderful, full of features and did I say easy to install?

On Invision Board on Aug 20, 2002

Wow! Extremely easy to setup and get running. Although a novice may have some trouble knowing where to get back to the admin screen after set-up, I had no trouble at all. This one has tons of functions and customizations. Best I've seen for free.

On on Mar 06, 2001

Great script! Easy to set up and run. It set up without a hitch! Haven't tried the banner exchange portion, but the ads work great!

On WebAdverts on Mar 06, 2001

The best free guestbook script I've seen - and I've checked out a lot of them! This one is really slick. I'd give it a ten if I could just customize it a bit more with some additional categories. I've customized the script already as much as I can. There are a few minor things I'd like to see changed, maybe in the next version. It was very simple to set up, took a little bit of time, but I had very few problems with it. The picture upload capability is an excellent touch!

On VizBook-plus on Feb 18, 2001