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On WebUMake Mail on Mar 27, 2002

Not a whole lot of features, but it does the job alright and isn't a resource hog.

On NeoMail on Mar 27, 2002

Works fine for standard auctions and is fairly customizable. Probably one of the better CGI auction scripts out there. Unfortunately, there are not too many choices though!

On EveryAuction on Mar 27, 2002

Very powerful and flexible shopping cart with features found usually only in more expensive products. Don't judge a book by the cover, especially in the case of and their shopping cart product! Support is always prompt and accurate.

On Dansie Shopping Cart on Nov 19, 2001

A royal pain-in-the-neck to install; I highly recommend paying WebUMake to install it, unless you are a Perl pro. Their support is fast and accurate, and the product itself is fantastic, albeit a bit expensive. I'd give it a ten if only it wasn't so expensive and difficult to setup.

On WebUMake LinkTree on Nov 19, 2001

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Feb 08, 2001

Soupermail does a lot - but if you only need to process a simple form, it's overkill. Much more expandable and flexible than other scripts, though.

On Soupermail on Feb 08, 2001