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Not real glamourous. Author assumes that you know CGI already, so not ideal as a first script to try. Flexible when you get into the code. Nice features, but could have better admin interface with more flexibility.

On WebHints on Jan 22, 2000

If you use the defaults it gives you, the automated install is great, but woe unto you if you want to install to a different area. Very nice AltaVista-like interface, but you have to have a page dedicated for the search (does not have separate HTML that integrates into your existing code) It is all script generated HTML. One file. Desparately needs to be broken into modules and have HTML interface.

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Nov 24, 1999

Would have been a 10, but when required fields are left empty, it does not automatically tell you which fields were left blank (like others). Also, there are limitations on checkboxes. Finally, it sends all fields listed regardless of whether the user left them blank or not. It is still VERY easy to set up and use! RECOMMENDED.

On BNBFORM on Nov 24, 1999

Very easy to setup and use, but needs the ability to write to a flat file (for database use). Does not have an autoresponder, but DOES tell the user which required fields he or she left blank.

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Nov 24, 1999