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I'm not a pro in setting scripts up, but have been doing it for the past 4 years. The documentation has a lot to be desired and after 3 days, I still don't have it working.

On WebAdverts on Jul 09, 2002

On AdvertPRO on Mar 16, 2002

A bit hazy on the installation instructions. No directory structure supplied and the forum support is only "OK."

On KSearch on Aug 29, 2001

Even though it is free it still needs some work. Headers and Footers are still not working and the support is a bit light.

On Personal Open Directory on Oct 28, 2000

Nice script. A lot of mods for this script and support is fairly good for a free service. I'd get it again.

On Links 2.0 on Oct 28, 2000

For free, it is the best if you have the time.

On EveryAuction on Oct 28, 2000

Free one works in a pinch, but it isn't the most visually appealing script for the job.

On ABS-5.01. Classified Ads on Oct 28, 2000

A great script, but their support is very expensive. If you have a question or a problem with the software more than 30 days after purchase, their support team charges a minimum of $100 per hour! If they had a forum section for their users to provide free "service" I'd give this software a much higher rating.

On e-Classifieds: Free Edition on Oct 28, 2000