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Based on phpMyAdmin but written in Perl. Like it's cousin, it is the best I have found compared to similar resources and it is free.

On MySQLMan on Sep 11, 2000

An excellent purchase for our site. The levels of customization are incredible, one can keep the good predefined layout or modify the look and feel to the finest detail. Administration is as simple as can be and the features are extensive. The user interface needs some tweaking as it is rather clustered but this can be changed if needed.

On vBulletin on Aug 14, 2000

Simple to set up and maintain. The advanced features are a little trickier to do though. Could be better automated but all the features are there and perfect for my website.

On News Publisher on Jul 28, 2000

This is the de facto standard module for CGI. The only thing I don't like is that it encourages embedding HTML generating code in your script which advanced programmers know gets you into trouble for large projects. But this module is standard and currently a must have for all perl developers

On - a Perl5 CGI Library on Jul 28, 2000

This used to be the de facto standard for CGI, but that was 1996! Today other modules are superior.

On The Home Page on Jul 28, 2000

While functional, this module has been superceded by modules found in the current standard Perl distributions (CGI::Cookie). As a result this module has less features than what is out there and has no object model. I can see no reason to use this over the standard CGI::Cookie.

On on Jul 28, 2000