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There are some great free programs on the net, this is one of them. The power is in the simplicity of phpAdsNew. It has all the features you need and none of the useless ones that other ad management programs have. Powerful reporting, handles any type media, odd size campaigns and more.

On phpAdsNew on Oct 09, 2003

Although no longer free, PHPAuction Pro Plus is a great auction program, easy to update and keep current with a built-in update script. A definite front runner in auction programs.

On enuuk platform on Oct 09, 2003

My list management has been streamlined since installing PHPlist. It is amazing! If you have a high volume newsletter, you should look into this program.

On PHPlist on Oct 09, 2003

A good script for lists under 2500 subscribers, otherwise you run into mailing problems. The JavaScript has a tendency to allow duplicate mailings and timeouts. Hopefully this will be resolved in future releases. Great script for the small list owner.

On SonicMailer Pro on Oct 09, 2003

SunShop ver 3.1 is a great shopping cart for those that do credit card processing manually. Cart is easy to setup, customize and administer. Well worth the money.

On SunShop Shopping Cart on Oct 09, 2003