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Very easy installation, but the HTML is atrocious. I wasn't able to modify the look without breaking the database.

On WBContacts on Nov 27, 2002

I would pay for this, it's so good.

On phpMyAdmin on Oct 25, 2002

Amazingly simple to set up. Subscribe, unsubscribe, and mailing functions are all handled with one small script (unlike similar products). I would upgrade to the pro version but S.M.lite does everything I need it to. Minimal set up.

On Subscribe Me! on Jun 03, 2001

I've been searching for a news script that could post headlines that linked to the story on a separate page. Other necessary features were the ability to search on past articles, and a built in message board so users could "add comments" about a story. I didn't think I would find a single script that did all of these things. This one does! Don't go by the demo on the site. It's capable of much more. Setup is easy but expect to spend 3 or 4 days tweaking. There's a lot of hidden capability here.

On News Publisher on Jul 25, 2000