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I think the only thing this program lacks is design, but that's no problem. Unfortunately I have no access to GD or ImageMagik, so I'm going to use this one for my site. It supports categories and subcategories and descriptions, which is pretty much what I am looking for.

On MiG - My Image Gallery on Mar 07, 2001

I love this program. I was looking simply for something to let me add tables and this was more than I bargained for! It's definetly easy to use and even easier to install! Best of all, it's free!

On phpMyAdmin on Mar 06, 2001

This one is very flexible indeed. I recommend looking at one of the examples and the PHP libraries required for full features are optional. Easy to customize but you will need phpMyAdmin to install.

On PHPGraphy on Feb 27, 2001

Wow, I really like this gallery program. It has all the features that a person like me would be looking for. But it does require NetPBM which most servers do not have. That's a big downside, but the creator is working on implementing something else.

On Gallery on Feb 27, 2001