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Pretty darn good. I have used quite a few and couldnt give anyone a ten, however, nine is the highest I've given so far.

On Mambo on Aug 18, 2003

Easy to install. One of the best if you want to run a portal.

On PHP-Nuke on Aug 18, 2003

Probably the best and easiest open source BB for a large site.

On phpBB on May 29, 2001

On vBulletin on Mar 06, 2001

Really great script for a medium sized website. I had a blast with its spidering capabilities. It is a little slow, but so what when you've got something this easy to work with.

On Fluid Dynamics Search Engine on Aug 03, 2000

On Perlfect Search on Aug 03, 2000

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Mar 02, 2000

Talk about great... I had been looking for a while and have tried many. I finally downloaded WebTeacher after I swallowed the fact that I would have to buy it if I liked it (never bought a script before and have been happy with that). Well, I installed it and it's much better and easier than anything else I have tried... This one rocks, even though $199 may be a little much when so many things are free. In the case of database management scripts, you get what you pay for.

On Webteacher's Webdata on Feb 24, 2000