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Program is simple yet elegant, so it can be run as is or customized for your own look. The docs suggest several ways to integrate the program into your site and several future upgrades that the current code anticipates may add a lot of additional functionality. The author is very accessible and seems eager to stand behind his product. I wish more shareware authors were as accommodating as this guy is.

On TD Keno on Jan 13, 2000

Pretty simplistic start page. Just the opposite of those gaudy all-things-for-all-people start pages offered by many ISPs. Now if someone could just split the difference between the two extremes.

On Fluid Dynamics: Start Page on Nov 18, 1999

Best implementation of this game that I've ever seen. I especially like that you can add HTML coding to the finished story, making layout very versatile. Author is generally available and helpful himself, and maintains a good discussion board to help with questions about his various programs.

On WebLibs on May 15, 1999

Easy to install and customize. I was considering a similar program that cost $100 and didn't do anything more than this one does for free! The author is accessible and very helpful, if needed.

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on May 15, 1999