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This script was easy to set up and edit. Seems to work flawlessly.

On FastAward on Feb 09, 2001

It was easy to install, but the banners never showed up. They only appeared as broken links. I gave up on it after a couple of days of trying to get it to run.

On WebAdverts on Apr 16, 1999

This is one handy script that checks your site for broken links and a bunch of other stuff. Easy to set up.

On WebTester on Feb 02, 1999

A nice start-up page where anybody can leave messages and post links. Easy to setup and does not require any upkeep. Pretty cool program.

On Fluid Dynamics: Start Page on Jan 23, 1999

This program almost loads itself. The revised version is much better than his first one. Looks nice and is easy to administer.

On CalendarScript on Jan 13, 1999

A nice simple web board. Don't let this script be the first one you install. Nothing fancy here but you can customize it yourself. Nice Admin features.

On Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard on Jan 11, 1999

A nice form to e-mail script. It does not have a whole lot of features. It is easy to install and configure.

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Jan 11, 1999

Easy to install, like most scripts on this site. Looks nice and you can make changes to it.

On Birdcast.cgi on Jan 11, 1999

An easy to install and configure script.

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on Jan 08, 1999

An excellent script. Easy to install and configure. Has many bells and whistles.

On AXS Site Tracking System on Jan 08, 1999