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auzziebob has added 7 comments or ratings

The basic (free) version is relatively easy to setup and customize the categories, but it is lacking in a feature (not sure if the feature is lacking in the enterprise edition). Once an ad is submitted, the person making the submission cannot change or withdraw the ad.

On Almond Classifieds on Aug 06, 2002

An absolute Godsend! Makes running a MySQL database simple.

On phpMyAdmin on May 09, 2001

Worked without a problem.

On phpCommunity Calendar on Apr 26, 2001

Excellent cost/features vs other software of this type. It has made a big difference to the level of support we offer.

On WonderDesk on Sep 18, 2000

A very good starting point for some well written scripts. All are well documented and very easy to set up.

Very easy to set up, a simple way to attract return visitors to your site. Simple to chose your own theme and have your own images. Well done!

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on Nov 20, 1999

This script assumes that everyone uses sendmail. When used with qmail it fails to actually send messages. The interface is a little clumsy and a bit difficult to adjust as all HTML is in the script rather than using templates for page layout.

On AnyEmail on Nov 20, 1999