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Started with the freebie and was plenty happy with the level of functionality. But, things got more complicated (as they do) and the extra functionality of the upgrade really helped - being able to send data to myself and specifying required fields being the two main bonuses. Never had any problems on install - piece of cake. Good support.

On CSVwrite on Aug 06, 2003

Get the xtra version - it's worth the cost. The free version is okay, but password protection and adding fields makes it so much easier. I had to spend quite a bit of time tweaking the result presentation but this is as much my own fussiness as anything. I am more design than tech and found setup totally hassle free. The help forum was, well, helpful, with little suggestions from other users and the site admin. I really like the simple functionality of all these scripts. Thanks guys.

On CSVedit on Aug 06, 2003

Very flexible presentation of data. The extra filters in Xtra are needed if you have any degree of complexity. The free version stood well and long and this review is really just my delight at the xtra bits - being able to present data in extra formats plus some editing bits. I use all four of the Ez scripts and have had no problems with any of them. Eventually SQL may be needed but it sorts about 2000 entries with no problems. Nice one.

On CSVread on Aug 06, 2003

The free version was quite adequate (apart from matching strings) but the cost of upgrade to Xtra has proved well worth it. The range of search options has worked flawlessly - I guess there are limitations but I haven't found them yet. For mid-range needs it is excellent. I am also using csvwrite and csvedit and feel no real need for the xtra functions (at least I have been too lazy to configure the upgrade). Easy to use, simple to set up and very functional.

On CSVsearch on Jul 28, 2003