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Banners did not work for Mac Netscape users, didn't receive help with this problem.

On WebAdverts on Sep 18, 1999

I tried out their limited-time demo. Experienced some errors, further compounded by a non-intuitive administration interface. The company didn't respond to my e-mail questions (or send me installation instructions for their unrelated free scripts, as their web page states it will do). Shop around and buy smart!

On Hyperseek Search Engine on Jan 06, 1999

A good script for using on multiple forms. Its one failing is not wrapping "long lines" when form contents are mailed to you. This causes problems if your form is being mailed to a novice, and some mail clients cannot wrap long lines or truncate the long lines when printing the mail. If this is a concern, fully test your form script!

On Matt's Script Archive: FormMail on Jan 06, 1999

Simply awesome. The first intuitive user interface for message forums (the public side AND administration). Easy to use and feature packed. Lots of tech support in the company's own forums, and they respond to user suggestions! Plus, there's a great free version available for non-commercial use.

On Ultimate Bulletin Board on Jan 06, 1999

Lots of features and the price is right! I e-mailed the programmer with a very minor security concern that only I would care about, and he fixed it the next day and posted the new release!

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on Jan 06, 1999

Highly recommended! Highly customizable, fast, and powerful. Great group tech support via web forums. Free for non-commercial use, too! Version 2.0 rocks! Don't be fooled into paying for a different link indexer. Download and check Links out for yourself!

On Links 2.0 on Jan 04, 1999