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I wasn't too amazed at the features... Likewise, the company doesn't seem too interested in responding to questions quickly.

On Hyperseek Search Engine on Jun 03, 1999

There are better ones out there, but this is a nice one to check into IF you aren't too serious about it, or if links aren't the main feature of your site.

On LinkMatic Web Directory on Jun 03, 1999

Alex at his best. If you like this one be sure to check out Links!

On DBman on Jun 03, 1999

Does all it says and is very easy to work with.

On CalendarScript on May 30, 1999

Many great features, but a little ugly. However, maybe this is because you can do everything from the main page... If you know your way around perl I'm sure you can make things look better.

On BNB Virtual Card Creator on May 30, 1999

Not only is the core script great, but there are so many user mods available that you can easily customize it to suit YOUR needs.

On Links 2.0 on May 30, 1999

Well, I had to wimp out and hire someone to install it after one too many failures. However, now that it's up, it is burning away like crazy!

On WebAdverts on May 30, 1999

Great script and great price.

On My Postcards on May 28, 1999

Not only good, but EASY to install.

On EveryAuction on May 28, 1999