Privacy Agreement

How we use your personal data

We do not sell or lease your personal data to any third party. Registered members who have subscribed to our mailing lists may receive advertisements from us in those mailings only.

Registered members have a publically available page on our site that will show the member's ratings, comments, resources and the chosen username. The email will never be disclosed any third party.

Tracking your behavior

Our traffic analytics software will track visitor browsing activity by IP address, but this information is never shared with any third party. In addition, we will have a record of all interaction with the site by registered users, such as when they make comments, add a resource, etc. We do not keep a record of a single user's visited pages or build up a profile of a single user's activity over time.

User of cookies

A cookie will only be stored on your computer if you choose to interact with the site in some way, such as rating or commenting on a resource, or registering or logging in as a registered user, or other similar actions where you send data to our system to be stored. Simply browsing the database will not store any cookies on your system.